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Please contact me to schedule longarm quilting services.  I work in the San Antonio area and specialize in free motion long arm quilting.  I also do ruler work and can create some very unique custom designs for you!

For more info, email me at My email address

For samples of my work you can visit my Facebook page Kustom Kwilts & Designs

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For preparing your quilt back, please make sure you do the following for optimal results:
1.  If piecing your back, cut off any selvages prior to sewing the seam.
2.  Your back and batting (if you are providing your batting) need to be 4-6" wider that your quilt top      on both sides and the top and bottom, so roughly 8-12" larger total than your quilt top.
3.  Your backing should be square.  There may be additional charges if I need to square up your                backing.  This is to keep the backing loaded straight on the frame.
4.  Press your backing (and top).
5.  Mark the top edge of your quilt back with a safety pin (and the top edge of your top).

Some considerations in preparing your quilt top:
1.  Make sure all threads are trimmed.  For lighter fabrics, if you have threads from seams that aren't        trimmed, they can show through the fabrics after quilting.
2.  Press your seam allowances to keep the seam bulk to a minimum.
3.  The flatter your quilt top lays, the better the quilting will look.  If the top construction or seam            allowance is inconsistent, this will be magnified in the quilting.  Excess fabric cannot always be          smoothed down during quilting, so just remember the flatter your top, the better your results.
4.  If you have seams on the outer edges, you may want to topstitch 1/8" from the outer edge to keep        your seams together during quilting.
5.  Make sure your top is squared and all edges are even.

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