Tuesday, December 27, 2016

The first MQG mini quilt swap-are you in?

Who doesn't love a great sewing swap?  I started my first with a swap hosted by The Sewing Loft.  Soon after, I found out about the Schnitzelandboo mini quilt swap.  I think I started on the second round of that swap and have stayed in it ever since.  I even participated in another smaller themed sewing swap that was a lot of fun.  And in October of 2016, The Modern Quilt Guild announced its first mini quilt swap, open to members worldwide.

To be honest, I was really bummed when I first heard about the swap.  I recently quit my real job to sew and quilt as my full time job and (as I type this) am about to be a new mom.  The odds of me signing up for this swap didn't look too good.  But then I started thinking about it, and realized I needed something to look forward to in the first few months of being a new mom.  I don't want to lose myself entirely in my new role and hopefully I will find bits and pieces of time to work on this for my partner (sorry partner... ;).

So I signed up.  I got my partner assignment, and wouldn't you know...their instagram profile is PRIVATE.   GRRRRRRRR.......Seriously.  If you're going to do a swap, have a public profile.  You're ruining the surprise.  Or at least include some other form of social media where you post your preferences.  I was a little miffed.  But my swap fairy came through for me and managed to get a Pinterest profile for me.  This provided tons of inspiration and so I'm currently working on tweaking some things I've found to make it my own.

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Quilting for Market with Urban Artifacts Fabrics by Leslie Tucker Jenison

So I guess this is part 2 of my Quilt Market preparations posts...The quilting edition!  
I had the opportunity to quilt a couple of quilts for my friend Leslie's quilt market booth.  I'm going to be brief here...

The first one was an awesome quilt designed by Liberty Worth.  It's pretty modern and gave me tons of inspiration with the quilting.  Below are pictures:

Putting the binding on...
Quilt designed by Liberty Worth with Urban Artifacts by Leslie Tucker Jenison

Quilt designed by Liberty Worth with Urban Artifacts fabrics by Leslie Tucker Jenison

The next quilt was designed by Allison Chambers of the San Antonio Modern Quilt Guild and was inspired by mid-century modern style.  I love this quilt!  I was aiming to keep the quilting modern but understated and used a blending thread instead of a highly contrasting one.  I did some geometric ruler work with stitch in the ditch on this one.  
Quilt designed by Allison Chambers using Urban Artifacts Fabric by Leslie Tucker Jenison

Quilt designed by Allison Chambers using Urban Artifacts Fabric by Leslie Tucker Jenison
I got to quilt 2 other amazing quilts that were designed by Leslie, but those are patterns that are not yet released, so no pictures of those yet!  I am so blown away by the talent and creativity.  I really wish I could have attended Quilt Market this year, but like I said...life happens.  There's always next year!

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Quilt market prep- with hand bags for Leslie Tucker Jenison

So many people in the sewing community are working hard to prep for market in and around the month of October.  I know when I first got an instagram account, I was so jealous of everyone posting the #secretsewing or #marketprep or whatever the hashtag was and hoped that someday I could get in on the action too!  In my local MQG, one of our members-Leslie Tucker Jenison-recently got a fabric line with RJR fabrics and I was asked to quilt a few items and make some bags from her amaing fabric line, Urban Artifacts!  Naturally, I jumped at the chance, and couldn't wait to get started.  I know this is December and quilt market was in October...life happens, guys!
Reisende Bag in Urban Artifacts Fabric by Leslie Tucker Jenison for RJR Fabrics, pattern by Sew Sweetness
So Leslie selected three really awesome bag patterns for her market booth and the first one was the Reisende bag-a Sew Sweetness pattern.  I really love the look of these fabrics with this pattern and I cannot wait for them to be at my LQS!!!

The next bag Leslie had chosen was the Nora Doctor bag by Swoon patterns.  This pattern is seriously so cool.  I love the vintage looking patterns and these fabrics are also amazing.  

Nora Doctor Bag-Swoon Pattern in Urban Artifacts Fabrics by Leslie Tucker Jenison for RJR fabrics

The final bag I made for Leslie's booth was the Betty Bowler, also a Swoon Pattern.  Such a great pattern to showcase Leslie's new fabric line, and I couldn't be happier with how they all turned out.  I'm so excited that my sweet friend had this opportunity to show off her amazing artistic talents and share her art with everyone!  

Betty Bowler by Swoon Patterns in Urban Artifacts by Leslie Tucker Jenison for RJR Fabrics

If you haven't tried your hand at making some of these store-quality bags with these awesome patterns, I highly recommend that you grab some great fabric and try one!  I don't think you'd be disappointed with the results!  Plus, you should go check out Leslie's fabric line and buy the prints.  Pictured below is Leslie's full line.  I am SO inspired by the grey/steel color way!

Leslie's complete line-photo taken from leslietuckerjenison.com 

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Free Christmas Stocking tutorial

It's time for another free tutorial!  I got to team up with Janome again to bring you an awesome Christmas stocking tutorial :)

Be sure to check it out on the Janome website !

These stockings are super easy to whip up!  All you have to do is sew some strips of fabric together (jelly roll strips would be perfect!), then use the template to cut the stockings out.  You can add some decorative stitching to the seams where the fabric is joined for a little extra oompf!  Start and finish in an afternoon and make some awesome new stockings for the family :)  Merry Christmas!